A report from Broad Convos 3

I'm sharing this report for two reasons. One, to keep me accountable to follow up on all the wonderful ideas that were shared. And two, because I would love the participation of folks who weren't able to attend on Feb 20. Please jump in, to whatever degree you're comfortable, as we continue to coalesce this experiment into something meaningful for our feminist community in Hamilton. 

Andrea Rowe speaking at Broad Convos 3

Andrea Rowe speaking at Broad Convos 3

To start the evening, we heard a fascinating talk about the role of dialogue in academia and the role of gender in innovation from Andrea Rowe of Feminuity who I really encourage you to check out. Then, because unfortunately our other two speakers were out with the flu (I hear they're feeling better by now!) I ended up reading a chapter from Ijeoma Oluo's So You Want to Talk About Race. The two conversation starters led us to a validating and supportive group chat about what it's like to speak up for someone or stand up for an idea in the moment when someone voices bigotry or ignorance in your vicinity. And then we started to talk about what Broad Convos can do to support each other and help ourselves to do better at this -- that's when I hit cloud nine, by the way. How lucky are we, to have a community of feminist folks around us who care so much that they'll take time on a rainy Tuesday to come and listen and talk it out. It's just the coolest.

So, here is what we discussed at BC3:

  • We are starting a Slack channel! The general consensus is that Facebook is sometimes too personal, or it's not something everyone has these days. Slack is anonymous and allows us to have a more robust and organized ongoing discussion through the use of channels of discussion. Don't know anything about Slack? This is a good primer. Want to join this Broad Convos Slack community? It's free and all you need is an email address. Send me an email to request the link to join!
  • We are starting a virtual resource library! Have you ever found yourself googling "why racism is real" or "misogyny stats" in order to prove a point in an argument or debate, online or in person? Me too, and it's really hard to do it in the moment! There was a great point at Broad Convos 3 that we could organize a virtual resource library by theme, so we have a list of informative, researched, and legitimate resources at our fingertips for easy sharing. Our Slack group has a #resources channel for sharing these and I have also created a page on the website so you can submit an article or resource to include, but feel free to also just email me your list of fave resources for countering bigotry!
  • We want to do some media training! Stay tuned for more details on a spring event with local journalists to help us learn how to write an op-ed or share our opinions in other creative, attention-grabbing ways. 
  • Wouldn't it be cool to do a feminist hackathon!? Another percolating idea, but what if we had a weekend with Hamilton feminists where, in teams, we took feminist advocacy and city-building projects from idea to execution? I think it would be just the best. If you do too, please send me a note! Or join the Slack channel for more details soon.

Ok, that's all my brain can remember from a week ago. If you were there at the last gathering and you're thinking, "what a scatterbrain, she totally forgot X" then please email me!

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Thank you for your energy!