This is a collaboration.

Broad Conversations is only relevant with the participation of women and gender queer folks like you who care about challenging and improving their community. 

There are many ways to join and contribute.
To learn more, explore this page, say hi on social, or send an email:

 Scenes from Broad Conversations 1 on March 21. All photos by Joanna Aitcheson,  Women of Hamilton .

Scenes from Broad Conversations 1 on March 21. All photos by Joanna Aitcheson, Women of Hamilton.


This experiment called Broad Conversations is based on a series of gatherings meant to facilitate conversation on a range of topics, with a feminist lens. To ensure these gatherings evolve to be varied and stimulating, we need many women to be involved. That could mean help with: the development of partnerships to get women from all corners of the city to attend; the conceptualization of themes and conversation starters; or hands-on support during the gatherings themselves. All offers of help would be gloriously appreciated!


We are always looking for volunteers to join our On-Call Club - a group of folks who want to help but can't commit to something consistent. Sign up and you'll get an occasional email asking for help. Reply if you can, and don't worry if you can't!

We are also currently looking for a Silent Book Club Manager and a few Promotions Managers. Click through for job descriptions and to apply. 

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Get in touch

Your voice matters! Share Broad Conversations with your networks, email us or tag us to share interesting articles and conversations you find, and definitely send any suggestions for speakers, community partnerships, and themes to consider -- anything you can to do help us build conversations!